Parking sensors front bumper outside with autoblanking Parking sensors front bumper outside with autoblanking
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Parking sensors front bumper outside with autoblanking

Article number: 06938
Product class: Accessories


We have developed a new range of innovative Digital Parking Sensors, with a new, easy and intuitive system, capable of not taking into consideration fixed obstacles. These high-precision and high-sensitivity digital sensors can:


Detect any obstacles in the car (spare wheel, hitch, etc.) and exclude them from the detection area, in order not to affect the normal functioning of the sensors. Manual programming available.


Possibility to install the sensors on steel or plastic bumpers without any problem of vibration or interference.

Possibility to integrate all parking sensor kits with led display 06913 or by using display 06963 with obstacle distance indicator.

Parking sensor kit also works with 2 sensors for special installations

Digital sensors n. 4
Sensor dimensions Ø 18x17 mm.
Flat adapters n. 4
Inclined adapters n. 4 (4°) + 4 (10°)
Installation hole Ø 19,5 mm.
Sensor cable length4,5 m.
Control box unit 110x75x22 mm.
Buzzer cable length 1,5 m.
Operating Temperature -40 +85 °C
Power 12 V

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