Parking sensors rear bumper Parking sensors rear bumper
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Parking sensors rear bumper

Article number: 06927
Product class: Accessories

Power supply DC 10 - 16 V
Max power consumption 0.5W
Max current consumption 20mA / 200mA with Display (optional)
Operating Temperature - 40°C / +80°C
Transmitting frequency 40KHz (Ultrasonic)
Sensing Method Asymmetrical
Sensor units 2 pcs.
Sensor cable lenght 2,5 m
Power cable length 1,2 m
Buzzer cable length 2,5 m
Control box unit 98x72x25 mm.
Sensor dimensions 19x17 mm.
Mounting Depth 17 mm.
Installation hole Ø 19,5 mm.
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