Vodafone Find Satellite Tracking System Vodafone Find Satellite Tracking System
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Vodafone Find Satellite Tracking System

Article number: 09501
Product class: Connected devices



High reliability locator

• Small (50x50x20) and user friendly;

• Downloadable app for Android, IOs and Windows Phone;

• Latest technology

• Battery running time of 10 days under normal use;

• Full two-year warranty;

• Technical support;

Technical features

Weight 50 g

Connectivity GSM/GPRS 850/900/ 1800/1900 Mhz

GPS chip uBlox (latest generation)
GPS Accuracy
5 m
Antenna: GSM e GPRS internal GPS internal activity
Battery: 3.7V 1000mAh Li Ion rechargeable
Max battery life up to 10 days in standby
Shake Sensor:

FIND is a latest generation satellite tracking system that allows you to track any remote object (Vehicles, shipments, people ecc)directly on your phone screen, via a dedicated mobile APP

FIND has a dedicated App available in all stores (IOs, Android, Windows Phone).>

This App provides many features:

 Real-time tracking via SMS
 Route history
 Position reports
 Fleet management
 Automated detection of starts & stops

Main Screen with devices associated with the APP

FIND position
on the map
Search functions,Tracked routes and detailed reports

Display of the historical positions on the map, sorted by data

Signal to a friend

  • Code: 09510
    Vodafone Device that allows to recharge the original FIND battery.
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