"Superwhite" Halogen Headlight H11 "Superwhite" Halogen Headlight H11
Car entertainment, since 1972
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"Superwhite" Halogen Headlight H11

Artikelnummer: 07116
Produkt-klasse: Superwhite Series


Thanks to the new series of SUPERWHITE halogen bulbs, you will enjoy a high-performing and
ultra-white light, without affecting the technical features of your original car system.
All TYPE-APPROVED, they add a higher definition and contrast to your headlights,
than a standard halogen bulb, providing so a state-of-the-art and stylish look. 

Model: H11

LED Bulbs: 12V  

Colour: Pure White
Power: 55W

Colour temperature : 4200 K
Waterproof: IP65
Rear Fog lights
Directional headlight



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