"D-Five Series" LED Bulb D5S "D-Five Series" LED Bulb D5S
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"D-Five Series" LED Bulb D5S

Artikelnummer: 07520
Produkt-klasse: D-FIVE Series


Our latest news for LED upgrade of original Xenon D5S kits. These led headlights with “Plug&Play” connection and installation have the same design and dimensions as the original ones. But that’s not all. They are compatible with all cars equipped for the Xenon D5S kit (JEEP Renegade and FIAT 500X). No need for adapters or modifications. With a simple upgrade, like the original bulb replacement, the D-FIVE system improves the performance of your headlight. No more wear problems, neither frequent replacements, typical of the Xenon bulb.
Model: D5S

LED Bulbs: 12V  
Brightness: 3500 Lm
Colour temperature: 5000 K
Waterproof: Ip65
Headlight: Dipped-Beam Lights


JEEP: Renagade
FIAT: 500X
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    "D-Five Series" LED Bulb T20 Bipolar CAN BUS for JEEP and FIAT
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