"Lens Series" LED Bulb HIR2 for lens headlights "Lens Series" LED Bulb HIR2 for lens headlights
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"Lens Series" LED Bulb HIR2 for lens headlights

Artikelnummer: 07546
Produkt-klasse: Lens Series


To meet the growing demand for LED bulbs specific for lens headlights, Phonocar has developed the LENS SERIES: excellent, high-performing, and user-friendly. The LENS SERIES is built with the most suitable technology
for this type of headlight, using a lens to increase the beam and project it forward. The lens bulbs are designed to better adjust the light emission and its distribution on the road, while providing impeccable brightness. The only real LED bulbs for lenticular headlights.
Model: HIR2

LED Bulbs: 12V  

Power: 43 W
Brightness: 4000 Lm
Colour: Pure White
Colour temperature : 6000 K
Waterproof: IP65

Interface: 07566
Einem bekannten signalisieren

  • Code: 07566
    Interface CAN-BUS 12V für Led 07506 (H12)
    Zubehör für Lampen
    Zur produktdatei