Master Plus LED Bulb HB3, HB4 Master Plus LED Bulb HB3, HB4
Car entertainment, since 1972
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Master Plus LED Bulb HB3, HB4

Artikelnummer: 07525
Produkt-klasse: Master Plus


This new series of LED bulbs is at the top of the automotive headlights for its light beam quality and reliability: the result of a technical development in line with the total renewal of the previous production.
All this means top brightness and finest light from pure white, with no glare. The integrated “LUMILEDS” technology, the cooling system - keeping the tempera-ture among the lowest in its category - and the compact bulb size for user-friendly installation make the “MASTER PLUS” line  the leading one on the CAR-LED market for parabolic headlights. 

Model: HB3, HB4

LED Bulbs: 12V  

Power: 36 W
Brightness: 4000 Lm
Colour: Pure White
Colour temperature : 6000 K
Waterproof: IP65

The new external driver
improves LED performances
in terms of quality
and durability

Thanks to the smart fan
and aluminium 6063

Thanks to the integrated
"LUMILEDS" chip,
providing better stability 

Adjustable fixing flange
for a quick installation 
Kit: 07425
Interface: 07565
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  • Code: 07565
    Interface CAN-BUS 12V für Led HB3 HB4
    Zubehör für Lampen
    Zur produktdatei
  • Code: 07425
    LED KIT 07525 und CAN BUS Interface 07565 "HB3, HB4"
    Zur produktdatei