Replacement Kit for Xenon Bulbs D3S/R Replacement Kit for Xenon Bulbs D3S/R
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Replacement Kit for Xenon Bulbs D3S/R

Artikelnummer: 07518
Produkt-klasse: Replacement Series


New replacement kit for Xenon bulbs: these “Plug&Play” LED bulbs are identical to the original Xenon ones, both in design and connection. Each code replaces the Xenon bulb of the same model, directly
on the original “Ballast” on the car. Therefore, you don’t need any adapter or adjustment. With a simple replacement, just like for the original bulbs, the performance of your headlights will defnitely be improved, avoiding thus the wearing out and frequent replacement typically associated with Xenon bulbs 
Model: D3S/R
Brightness: 4200 Lm

Colour temperature: 6000 K
Waterproof: Ip65

Headlight: Dipped-Beam Lights

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